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10 Paise

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About this Poriyaalan app

  • Poriyaalan app was started with a idea of giving home plans for all kinds of customers in a very cheap rate. We need, every customers who ever going to build a home should fully like their floor plans, so that we are providing more than 5000+ floor plans to satisfy our customers .We are giving more choices to our customer & we are giving it for 10 PAISE for 1 SQ.FT.,so that they can choose which one is suitable for them by downloading more number of plans in very less amount.

Features in Poriyaalan app:

  • → Choosing user's preferred direction (East, West, North, South)
  • → Choosing user's preferred sq.ft
  • → Choosing user's length & breadth
  • → 1bhk, 2bhk, 3bhk models are available there, user can chose their preferred one
  • → Lots of models available for same sq.ft & (L & B). so it satisfies lot of customers with different needs
  • → Just paying for user's selected plan to get dimensions & centre line marking plan

We are having more than 5000+ models.

  • → Within a second user's preferred plan will be available in mobile phone
  • → User can take a printout and build their home overall charge is 10 PAISE per sq.ft.

  • For. eg
    1000 sq.ft costs 100 Rs only
    2000 sq.ft costs 200 Rs only

  • → We are having more than 5000+ models, user can choose one, if they don't like them, new plan also drawn for them.
  • → So user can choose more number of plans within very small amount.
  • → Any changes in the downloaded plan can be rectified with free of cost for one time
  • → Consulting engineers also arranged from our side, if clients need them
  • → Job opportunities also available from our app
  • → All plans are completely followed by vastu sastra

we're still not done

Users can Choose their preferred sq.ft value

Every users are differ from one another so they can search for their respective values of sq.ft that on which sq.ft they are going to build their home.

User Friendly

Poriyaalan app is designed in such a way that everyone can use it in friendly manner to know the whole thing about this app, also we are giving more care about customer support.

Users can access from anywhere at anytime

Around the globe user can access with their individual login & can download their respective plans from anywhere at any time ,so that we are offering 24 X 7 for whole 365 days.

Easy Interface

All types of users can understand this app by simply giving the proper value for each & every one.

Choosing the perfect one

User is ready to pick the exact one which match their requirements, as soon as they finished the earlier steps.

Reasonable cost

For whole opertaion we are charging 10 PAISE per sq.ft only. Eg: For 1000 sq.ft plan costs 100 Rs only...

Available in both Tamil & English

We like that all kinds of user should look into our app, so that we are designing it in such a way that for e.g. A MASON can use our app without any trouble. Above all we are also from tamilnadu.

Users can Choose their preferred direction

Various users need various types of plans, so according to each & every user they can easily choose their respective directions of plans (For ex: EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH)

Users can Choose their preferred L & B value

Some users dont know their sq.ft value they can search from their house 's length & breadth value by simply clicking the drop down list available there.

Pick & Pay

After picked up the exact one what they needed, user can pay for the plans via DEBIT CARD, UPI, INTERNET BANKING whatever they want.

Plan in mobile

As soon as the payment succeeded user can download their respective plans from the app itself.


User can download more number of plans from the app which are suitable to their requirements, and they can compare it with each & everyone to pick the exact one.

Consulting Engineers

Consulting engineers are also available from our side, users can recruit them if they need any assistance while building their home.

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